4th of July 2017:  Kicking Criminal Drug Cartels out of the State of Washington

The Domino Effect: How to Change the World

The world, as is well known, has several very severe problems, and we must solve all of them holistically in order to solve any one of them completely.  Given that, why my fanatical focus on the specific problem of criminal drug cartels?  Shouldn’t we be focusing first on climate change instead?  Or on averting nuclear war?  Or perhaps on overpopulation?  What about health care?  What about the children who are currently suffering?

The short answer is that this issue is about all of the above problems, and many more.  My focus on purging the criminal drug cartels will be an intense, temporary focus on only the first domino in a whole series.  I maintain that we need to concentrate our force on knocking over this first domino first, creating the momentum to knock over the others in sequence.


Criminal Drug Cartels: The First Domino to Fall

Consider the following:

Criminal drug cartels are nothing if not “pure evil.”  Zero redeeming value.  Nothing but destruction: personal, societal, environmental.  Focusing on removing criminal drug cartels thus furnishes society with the powerful “training wheels” necessary for removing other gross evils from our otherwise wondrous world.  It requires us to first understand, then map and model, and finally design and develop those tools and strategies necessary to purge this obvious evil from our world.  As we develop our muscles of collective action by actively purging these drug cartels, we will be operating from a position of growing power as regards to solving the rest of the world’s most daunting problems.  Yes, purging the cartels will make us that much stronger and smarter, as a newly-founded platform for radical collective intelligence rises up to meet these global challenges which we have barely begun to adequately define, let alone defeat.

Criminal drug cartels get their start by selling illicit substances, then they expand their scope to arms trafficking, human trafficking, supplying terrorist networks, etc.  (The symbioses between the cartels and the terrorists are well known).  Criminal drug cartels are also notorious for fomenting corruption within governments and society at large insofar as plata o plomo (silver or lead) are the two options cartels offer politicians, law enforcement, and the judicial system. Their threat: “Help us and we’ll make you rich; oppose us and we will kill you and yours.”  Pretty compelling, especially if you have kids whom you would rather send to college than bury.  In addition to the threat to human lives, drug cartels inflict enormous environmental damage, destroying even the most remote virgin forests and entire ecosystems with their illegal cultivation and processing operations, in turn providing the excuse for the DEA and similar agencies to spray toxic herbicides over these same beleaguered ecosystems (e.g., the Amazon, where the cartels slash and burn rainforest to grow coca).   Bottom line: purging criminal drug cartels will have immeasurable long-term benefits for solving the world’s most pressing problems, both directly and indirectly.

Partnership between the State of Washington and Mexico

I lived in Mexico during the years when the drug cartels there increased their destructive power, presence and death toll enormously. At the beginning of this period, during the years 1997 – 2000, the presence of the cartels was barely felt by the civilian population, as compared with today. The country was basically safe. In that environment, I built a computer business based in the west coast State of Sinaloa, birthplace of most of the country’s major criminal drug cartels. Then President Vicente Fox came to inaugurate our 25th educational computer center in Sinaloa in 2001, and we began to develop a relationship which by 2013 had the two of us collaborating intensively on repealing prohibition throughout the hemisphere. We believe repealing prohibition to be a crucial first step toward eliminating criminal drug cartels, among many other harms caused by prohibition. Our first major press conference on the subject in Seattle on May 30, 2013 laid out our platform for the world:

My Story

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox and I co-led four major events in the summer of 2013 on the topics of the legalization and medical use of cannabis, culminating in a 3 day international symposium held at Centro Fox in the State of Guanajuato, Mexico in July 2013:

By late 2013, a criminal drug cartel began attacking and threatening me, my family and my business. They have escalated their attacks and threats over the years since then. That is why I stepped back from the media spotlight abruptly in late 2013: To focus on protecting my family, and to quietly figure out how to solve this problem, not just for me and my family, but for all families.

In the end, I resolved that rather than take on this specific cartel directly, I am committed that we permanently remove all criminal drug cartels from the State of Washington, without exception.

When criminal drug cartels take advantage of and game the system, for example, masquerading as legitimate cannabis companies when they are anything but that, it is incumbent upon us to take immediate action.

My campaign to exorcise the cartels is intricately tied to the effort to legalize cannabis. As long as we maintain an antiquated, inhumane, and environmentally devastating system of prohibition, we are creating massive incentives for criminal drug cartels to take root and grow. In the case of cannabis and hemp, there are benefits to legalization that go far beyond the massive benefit of removing the industry from the hands of the cartels: Specifically, we have the opportunity to build the world’s first compassionate industry, as a first step toward radically transforming our entire global economy to become a compassionate economy: Compassionate toward all people, and compassionate toward Mother Earth. With abrupt climate change upon us – a byproduct of our existing economic system – and threatening to drive most complex life, including humanity, to extinction in the near term, a radical transformation in how we walk the earth is now beyond urgent: In fact, it may well take miracles to save us at this late stage in the game.

Organized Crime in the State of Washington

The State of Washington historically has been very unfriendly to organized crime.  Why make an exception for criminal drug cartels?  Is this the way to honor the namesake of our great state and father of our country, General George Washington?  (What would General Washington do under present circumstances?)

Criminal drug cartels are now expanding their operations in Washington State.  Shall we wait until we awaken to mutilated bodies hanging from Seattle overpasses before deciding to take action?  By then it would be too late!  The time to nip this problem in the bud is now.

The State of Washington:  Poised to Lead the Nation

The State of Washington now confronts a golden delicious opportunity to play the decisive leadership role in purging criminal drug cartels from the entire United States.  We can choose to take the bold step of becoming the first state in our nation to permanently purge all criminal drug cartels from our homeland.  In the process, together we will co-create the solutions, programs, and strategies needed to complete that deep purge, both at home and abroad.

In short, the State of Washington is perfectly positioned to become a world capital of driving criminal drug cartels to extinction.  By taking the leadership role in purging criminal drug cartels from the world, we will become a global nexus for purging all kinds of organized crime from our world.

Getting Started: How Can You Make a Difference that Makes a Difference?

The first step we propose is the formation of a global and indeed radical form of collective intelligence, trained and focused on purging criminal drug cartels, compassionately and holistically. We propose that this collective intelligence be headquartered right here in the State of Washington (the first state to legalize cannabis) and specifically right here in the progressive City of Seattle, home to high-tech companies, artists and counter-cultural progressive movements alike.

The first steps of Phase I (below) consist of a) using our collective intelligence to define exactly which criminal drug cartels are operating in the State of Washington, where they operate, their tactics, etc., b) leveraging our collective intelligence to root out these cartels as quickly, safely and humanely as possible, and in the process begin to build a model and playbook which states and countries around the world can contribute to and build upon.

My Chocolate in Your Peanut Butter . . .

Three Flavors of Criminal Drug Cartels

There are three major categories of criminal drug cartels we need to focus on, right now, here in the State of Washington:

  • The I-5 mega-cartels (so-named because they notoriously leverage the ever-porous Interstate 5, from Mexico to Canada).
  • The I-502 mini-cartels1, much smaller (for the moment) but potentially far more dangerous since these are largely but not exclusively home grown (some of the most dangerous are controlled from outside the State of Washington). Their power to corrupt is horrific. (See footnote, below.)
  • The scariest of all: The “my chocolate in your peanut butter” hybrids of the I-5ers (the chocolate) with the I-502ers (the peanut butter):  With all the rivers of billions in cash of the I-5ers, and the river of arms flowing in the same direction (north to south, as well as into the hands of terrorists), mashed together with the political, judicial and law enforcement infiltration capabilities of the local sellout I-502ers (plata o plomo, remember?  Can you blame them for selling out?).

Aside from these, there are still other categories of criminal drug cartels to be included (e.g., criminal alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceutical cartels – more on those as we build out our collective intelligence). There are of course many other types of criminal cartels in the world, beyond those focused on supplying drugs, humans, arms and terrorism.  Over time, we will address all of them. We have to start somewhere.

Better Together: Pillars of a Grand Strategy

As noted at the beginning, purging criminal drug cartels from the State of Washington is but the first in a series of dominoes, which in turn has three main phases (multiple dominoes in each phase):

Phase I:  Purge all criminal drug cartels from the face of the earth (starting with the State of Washington).

Phase II:  Purge all organized crime from the face of the earth, including crimes against Mother Earth herself.

Phase III:  Turn our collective intelligence and indeed power toward the now-inevitable topic of stopping, and subsequently reversing the destruction of our planet, including reversing climate change. Abrupt climate change, meet abrupt collective intelligence (for more on abrupt climate change, please bing Guy McPherson)

Along with the exponentially growing dominoes, so too shall our collective intelligence, and hence collective power, grow exponentially.  These are the keys to restoring the kingdom, and birthing a new golden age free from crime and all forms of intentional destruction.

I, for one, declare that the State of Washington is not big enough for both me and this growing coalition of criminal drug cartels.  One of us must go. I leave it up to you all to choose.

Honored and humbled to be at your service,

Jamen Whipple Shively Savage Pellicer
Proud Resident of the State of Washington

Footnote:  In full disclosure, I inadvertently helped create the modern I-502 mini-cartel, so named because they were made possible by State Initiative 502 in 2012, which granted them “quasi-legality”: the not-so-secret love child of state legality and federal prohibition.  I ask that you please accept my apology, but only once we have purged their scourge from our great state, and eventually all forms of criminal drug cartels from all nation-states.  The time for half-measures is over; the moment of reckoning has arrived – just watch, unless you yourself have a penchant for direct, decisive action.